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Motivational Interviewing (MI) has been studied for decades. It is an evidence-based skill that is more effective at helping people change than advice giving.


MI is a CRUCIAL skill to have in your toolbox to effectively work with people! When you are fluent in MI, you experience a lessening of the effort & burden of trying to help others change. Conversation is more fluid, connection and engagement are smoother, buy-in to change increases, and clients are more likely to follow the plans they make. 


Here’s Where Bolter Consulting Comes In:

  • We teach “helping people” how to get really, really good at helping people change
  • We empower you with tools to get really good at interpersonal relationships skills
  • We support frustrated professionals get more efficient and effective at helping people change 
  • We help people prevent (or recover from!) burnout, & work with more ease

How You Can Become Fluent in Motivational Interviewing?


    We offer live and virtual workshops in Motivational Interviewing (MI), as well as self paced web-based training for individuals.


    We offer group coaching, group skills practice and in-person training events to help our clients better help their clients.


    We create customized plans to train your employees, providing both live in-person and web-based learning.

Our team provides both web-based and in person training. Every member of my team is a member of the international Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). 



Are you ready to be more effective at helping people change? If you are ready to learn MI or take your existing MI skills to the next level, we have self-paced courses available for purchase. You can also join one of our live virtual courses, where you will learn and practice core MI skills. Basic, intermediate & advanced MI learning pods are available. We provide live virtual trainings. Click here to learn more. Join our newsletter for notification about this training and other learning opportunities!


Would your team benefit from customized skills training? We provide customized in-person or web-based small group training. If you have a staff or team that are wanting to learn MI skills together, we can provide a customized training & skills practice to help your team members learn and integrate these skills in new ways.


Much of the work we do is providing MI training & consulting directly to organizations. Depending on the learning outcomes of the organization, we create a customized training plan & consultation to support integration of skills. 

We invite you to contact us today so we can put the right program in place for you!

“When I worked for a big federal agency, I cannot tell you how many times I clicked through required training while multitasking. I’d print my completion certificate and honestly couldn’t tell you one thing about what I just half-watched. One of the things we know about learning MI is that people don’t implement new skills if they don’t have practice. Bolter Consulting provides live virtual MI skills practice groups so you can try out the skills, gain confidence in using the tools of MI and take those skills into your workplace and feel good about delivering them!”

-Hillary Bolter

LCSW, LCAS, Founder, Bolter Consulting

Bolter Counseling & Consulting is a Professional Limited Liability Corporation, PLLC. 

Bolter Counseling & Consulting is a Professional Limited Liability Corporation, PLLC.