I'm Chris Miles, and I LOVE introducing people to Motivational Interviewing.


​Are you ready to move from wrestling for change to dancing with change?

  • Are you getting worn out from working harder than your clients? 
  • Do you feel like you are always pushing a boulder up a hill when you are trying to help that stuck client to change?
  • Do you struggle with how to handle clients who clearly need to make changes but don’t see the need to? 
  • Does it feel like clients go round and round talking about wanting to change but aren’t taking those first steps? 

​What if your work with clients could be easier? What if you could let go of holding the responsibility for their change? What if you could relax back in your chair while your clients could be changing faster and more effectively than ever before? Did you know there is an evidence-based practice that achieves exactly this?

Motivational Interviewing will provide you with a framework to help you...

  • Feel more effective with your clients

  • Keep the burden of change off YOUR shoulders

  • Work less hard, get better results

  • Feel confident tackling difficult conversations & ‘difficult’ clients

  • Become a more successful helping professional

  • Improve client outcomes (evidence-based practice, y’all)

  • Know what to say when clients backpedal on change

  • Feel equipped for precontemplative clients (you know, when it’s clear change would be helpful but they aren’t seeing it yet!)

The Details

Each session is LIVE VIRTUAL, with a mix of presentation, practice, videos & audio samples and Q&A via Zoom platform. All weekly sessions are recorded for your viewing between sessions, so don't worry if you miss a session!

November 18th-December 16th!


Course price: $297

Live Group Meetings

3 hours a week for 4-weeks from 1:00pm-4:00pm EST

Sessions will be facilitated by MINT trainer Chris Miles, MSW, LCSW

Meeting Dates

 Wednesdays from 1:00pm to 4:00pm EST

Dates: November 18th, December 2nd, December 9th, & December 16th

(And don't worry, if you miss one, all sessions will be recorded & available during the course.)

Continuing Education

Certificate for 12* hours Continuing Education hours provided at completion of workshop, approved by CRCC as accepted by NCBLCMHC, & NCSAPPB approved Substance Specific and Evidence Based Practice (SS-EBP)

*If 13 hours are required by your job, email me for accommodations!

“This course provides an excellent skillset to improve the quality of conversation. It provides clear ideas on how healing professionals can help clients find their own path to health."

- Joel Puryear, PA-C

Foundations Training Begins in 


The Breakdown

  • Week 1

    “We’ve got the spirit, yeah, yeah!”

     I can’t help but break into the cheer from high school (even though I wasn’t a cheerleader…) The absolute foundation of Motivational Interviewing is the SPIRIT of Motivational Interviewing. I like thinking of “spirit” as the attitude we bring to the helping relationship. This week, we will explore the confounding complexities of behavior change, roadblocks to listening, & explore persuasion versus Motivational Interviewing. You will have the SPIRIT by the end of this session! (Yeah, yeah!) In this session, we will also talk about the first process, Engagement, and we will ALSO dig into the most important skill of MI, reflective listening.

  • Week 2

    Rowing with OARS?

    Hey! That’s what I do when I go boating! Seriously, though. OARS: Open Ended Questions, Affirmations, Reflections & Summaries. They aren’t JUST what they sound like, they are a method of selectively guiding clients toward change. The second process of MI will be explored, Focusing. In this session, complex reflection practice will be explored, as well as how MI affirmations differ from praise or cheerleading. We will also explore how to GUIDE change conversation through our complex reflection responses. This is one of those “simple, but not easy” skills that is essential to the art of Motivational Interviewing. We will also see a sample of Motivational Interviewing in action!

  • Week 3

    Evoking Change Talk!

    What’s change talk anyhow? Our tasks in the Evoking process of Motivational Interviewing (3rd process!), is to LISTEN for change talk, REFLECT change talk, and PULL FOR MORE. Since I love camping, I love the metaphor of “set up my tent and camp out here.” We will explore methods of camping out with change talk. And, continued OARS practice! This week, we will explore Open Ended Questions & Summaries.

  • Week 4

    Rubber Meets the Road!

    It’s all coming together now! Rowing with OARS toward change within the 4 Processes! Continued opportunities for OARS practice as we explore the Planning process, the fourth (and final) process of Motivational Interviewing. We’ll view another sample of Motivational Interviewing in action, as well as have a chance for course wrap up and goal setting! Yahoo! You are on your way!

Course Objectives

(Because, ya know, you might need Continuing Education hours…)

  • Identify the theoretical basis of MI
  • Explore integration of the MI spirit into practice: compassion, autonomy, evoking, and collaboration
  • Practice MI core communication skills (OARS)
  • To describe and gain skills in each of the 4 process of MI: Engagement, Focusing, Evoking, and Planning
  • Engagement: to learn ways to engage difficult clients, address re-engagement issues, & demonstrate effective empathy
  • Focusing: how to create focus with multiple target behaviors, setting agendas, and other tools for enhancing collaboration
  • Evoking: to learn to identify change talk and sustain talk, ways to elicit and reinforce change talk, and ways to strategize eliciting change talk from sustain talk
  • Planning: identify client signs for change plan readiness, ways to develop effective change plans, and address planning issues that arise in MI consistent manner

Hours are pre-approved by CRCC as accepted by NCBLCMHC, & NCSAPPB as Evidence Based Practice & Substance Abuse Specific. For other licensures and certifications, you will be provided with a certificate of completion at course completion, with total course hours, objectives, and trainer bio will be provided for you to submit to your licensure board.

Is this course for me?

This course is for you if you are new to MI, or need a refresher in Motivational Interviewing (it’s been a while). 


Because Motivational Interviewing has been around for a hot minute (since the early 1980’s!), many folks have had some exposure to MI. Maybe it was talked about in one of your college courses. Maybe a lunch-n-learn. Maybe someone at your agency presented an overview of MI. Maybe you have heard of the OARS but don’t feel confident in each of those skills. You may have the sense you use Motivational Interviewing, but aren’t sure how to describe exactly what that means.


You will complete this course with CONFIDENCE, able to say, “I know what Motivational Interviewing is; I am comfortable using each of the OARS skills; I know how the spirit of MI & OARS & 4 Processes fit together; and, I know when to pick up the tool of MI (and when not to)!”

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